Reviews for "BackAlley Royale"

The way JAZZ is supposed to be!

Really fun song! Funny really I also play the Tenor Sax! I really love listening to a good Jazz song once in a while but I don't think you have lived until you sit down with a group of people and improvise an entire song on the spot. This is what this song made me think of... brilliance on the spot because it doesn't seem to follow a pattern at all times. Very nice.


Sweet piece of music here. As a tenor sax player and jazz lover myself, I can say that the everything in this piece is 100% original and kickass.

Oh, and Cheez-R-Us, a.) everything he said is true and b.) you got burned.


I'm in Jazz Band, I play Tenor Saxaphone and this is AWESOME and great....love it. Listen to it all the time now...Thanks for this.


never been a fan of jazz, but now the genre just got another fan, great job man.


Sorry, II voted 1... reason why:

-there's a great lack of creativity
-everybody can copy-paste loops
-there's no musical 'logic' in progressions\chord changes\melody lines

DJHarlock responds:

Reasons you guessed wrong.

1- lol you're name is cheeze, you're whole existance lacks creativity
2. You're about ... 5 actual instrument recordings off there bud.
3. About 90% of the greatest songs ever made don't have progressions chord changes or base off melody lines.

You lack the proper means to judge music, go listen to some emo-core or rudimentary music if you want to find "logic" behind music.