Reviews for "BackAlley Royale"


rly dont need any other words. just love the bongos...

Hey uhh...

I dont know if you sampled or stole directly from this song, or if they stole it from you but one of you guys ownes the other one some credit.

http://games.yahoo.com/free-games/str ing-avoider-2

If it is just a "Coincidence" the similarities are uncanny.

DJHarlock responds:

No this song much older than that game. They took the file and cut it up, without permission. The issue was resolved a long time ago. This song is actually a year older than its publishing date here on newgrounds, even now it's posted date is earlier than the CCing of that game.

oh boy!!

I found 1 of the most perfect cartooney themes today!!


It seems like a song that would be on Fresh Prince of Belair.


I like it. You could have added a simple bass line to go through for more effect. I especialy like the drums and all of the effects they do. Good work.