Reviews for "Nonsense"


just awesome!


that was the best music i have ever heard!.


I swear that I've heard this before. Was this on Adult Swim?!

It's awesome! haha, I sneaked it onto my brothers iPod and it came up. He's like "What the fuck? LOL! this is cool."

He thought I made it because the voice sounds like mine. I showed him your NG page and he listens to all your music all the tim. mwahaha.

John Hartley

This is the sound which John Hartley's brain makes with it finally bursts (viens and god willing frayed nurons). See he's Calgary's biggest fucktard everyone hates him. He smoked $800/day worth of crack, has two bastard children, from two wives who he seperated from, his face looks like a Bagdad road (without the bombs). And apparently someone took a crowbar to his face leaving a vertical rectanglar dent. (hence his brain is soon going to blow up).

He constantly drinks 24s (case) a hockey game, and smokes all the time, and he drinks lots of coffee. yes sir, soon John's brain will explode with all that toxin, and this is song will he the extent of his vocal skills.

awesome dude.

I love this! OMFG!!!! i cant stop listening.