Reviews for "Nonsense"


That was the best song ever!!!!!
I listen to it basicly everyday!!!!!!
You're my hero


i was lookin through the audios today and stumblaed across this. it's probably the best one on here although there's no point to it. i downloaded it from the site and tried to burn it but it wasn't compadible with the media player... it's just too bad i can't enjoy it anywhere but at my computer... anyway good job perfect 10!!!!!!!!!

I dont even care...

I dont even care about the rating, its AWESOME! I sweatr,, while watching Futureama, on Adult Swim, its on there, so you MIGHT hacve gotten it from there, or sumthin on Futurama, anyways, this is weird, and it IS nonsense

So many

losers who are jealous of this song because they did not make it. Don't listen to those guys and those reviews there all noobs.

this song was great it can be used in many movies and games and I can see it already was.

Keep it up!

Nice Nonsense!

It is one funny song. It's very original and the sounds come together with the beats of the ry-ry-th-e-m (How do you spell it anyway?!?!). Keep up the good work!