Reviews for "Nonsense"


I dont know what you was smokeing but i surly want some cuz this song is Wacked BIG TIME....


Har har har! My little sister (8 yrs.) wont stop laughing at the dumb song. This could be played with the credits of a comedy short, or on some blooper scenes. I dunno.

stupid and pontless

Well, almost pointless, you might bew able to put it in at the end, like in creidts, but other then that...just pointless. It wasn't funny, easn't cool just stupid, like something you'd say to a 3 year old to make em laugh. Preaty pathetic

just a personal opinion

But this really bugged the shit out of me sorry but could someone please tell me (in a non sarcastic or supid way)why this is funny?Please!


ok.. you sound like a little kid who doesnt know the lyrics to a song so he just makes sounds in place of the actual lyrics and instruments.

Yeah, this was me when i was 7 or 8 years old. good tune for sesame street. other than that, trash.