Reviews for "Nonsense"

Funny, yet really well done...

It's great to see a audio song with something new and original. Great quality and love that tune... Nice Job, thumbs up!


This is really great, craete, and unique! What more could you ask for? Keep it up!

Funny stuff!

Lol! 1337, 1337!

Funniest song I've heard in a long time!

I remember this

I remember listening to this funny weird song back in 2004. Loads of random noises added to this song and it does give me a laugh. It still does make me laugh. :) Great work on this funny little song.



Dude -- sing the nonsense on melody, or even harmony, and all my 5 are belong to this.. This song was awesome, and if the slightly disorienting random-pitchness of the voice was on-pitch, this song would *totally rock*.