Reviews for "Nonsense"


This is hilarious! Hahahaha... great music.. just great!

Sounds like a cross between Katamari Damacy...

And Spongebob Squarepants, when he gets the spatchula thing.

Nice. Makes me want to flip patties and roll stuff up into a star.

I dont even care...

I dont even care about the rating, its AWESOME! I sweatr,, while watching Futureama, on Adult Swim, its on there, so you MIGHT hacve gotten it from there, or sumthin on Futurama, anyways, this is weird, and it IS nonsense

Nice Nonsense!

It is one funny song. It's very original and the sounds come together with the beats of the ry-ry-th-e-m (How do you spell it anyway?!?!). Keep up the good work!


your songs are kick ass.
I was wondering:
can u send me the Tabs to the song,
or atleast tell me what chords you used?

I'm too lazy to find em out myself :P

Meeh, anyway, this rocks! :D
MY friend and i can sing allong from begin to end :D
(that seriously disturbs my other friends)

Thumbs up!