Reviews for "Nonsense"

nice job!

good job! I can't stop listening to it.

Awesome! Hilarious! Wooot!

i8i0 did a such a kick ass job on this one! His only audio submission to date and it rocks! I was looking for an audio file for my game and came upon this masterpiece! Perfect for my game!

i8i0!!! I need to get your permission to post on other sites! Ive tried to contact you and your website and email are currently down or unavailable to me.

The game is Star Bores: episode One, it got lots of good reviews and won Daily 3rd Place! Check it out and please contact me! blackreb@earthlink.net


I have kept track of how many loops of this I've been listening to, I'm at 23, this is so great


That was so funny! must of took a long time to do all that sound effects, and did i mention how funny it was?

Vocal noodling TO THE MAX

Loved it. Great stuff. SUBMIT MORE AUDIO, IOI8!

Was that a "cock-a-doodle-doo" in there before the breakdown? Heh. Greatness.