Reviews for "Nonsense"


I dont know what you was smokeing but i surly want some cuz this song is Wacked BIG TIME....

I dont even care...

I dont even care about the rating, its AWESOME! I sweatr,, while watching Futureama, on Adult Swim, its on there, so you MIGHT hacve gotten it from there, or sumthin on Futurama, anyways, this is weird, and it IS nonsense


i was lookin through the audios today and stumblaed across this. it's probably the best one on here although there's no point to it. i downloaded it from the site and tried to burn it but it wasn't compadible with the media player... it's just too bad i can't enjoy it anywhere but at my computer... anyway good job perfect 10!!!!!!!!!


That was the best song ever!!!!!
I listen to it basicly everyday!!!!!!
You're my hero


This is one of, if not the, ,sot original songs I have ever heard on NG. Can stop listening, good job man.