Reviews for "Nonsense"

Nice Nonsense!

It is one funny song. It's very original and the sounds come together with the beats of the ry-ry-th-e-m (How do you spell it anyway?!?!). Keep up the good work!

So many

losers who are jealous of this song because they did not make it. Don't listen to those guys and those reviews there all noobs.

this song was great it can be used in many movies and games and I can see it already was.

Keep it up!

I remember this

I remember listening to this funny weird song back in 2004. Loads of random noises added to this song and it does give me a laugh. It still does make me laugh. :) Great work on this funny little song.


stupid and pontless

Well, almost pointless, you might bew able to put it in at the end, like in creidts, but other then that...just pointless. It wasn't funny, easn't cool just stupid, like something you'd say to a 3 year old to make em laugh. Preaty pathetic


Cool! This one kicks ass!