Reviews for "Nonsense"

ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dude im so downloading this its hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good job


Some of the sound effects are on my old schools keyboards by pressing the dj button and then it shouts "DJ!"

awesome dude.

I love this! OMFG!!!! i cant stop listening.


lol i love this song its so damn addicting

and btw its used on the game Lesbian Sex:Dating Sim
dont get fooled but the name!
it pwns all perverts
every pervert who played this said like: WTF??!!?
a big fist in the face

check it out lol that game is funny

anyways great song lols..........


your songs are kick ass.
I was wondering:
can u send me the Tabs to the song,
or atleast tell me what chords you used?

I'm too lazy to find em out myself :P

Meeh, anyway, this rocks! :D
MY friend and i can sing allong from begin to end :D
(that seriously disturbs my other friends)

Thumbs up!