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Reviews for "-Glorious morning-"

Nice and full of energy

Gave me that kind of feeling to get up and do someting.
Very energetic peace. Tad short but nevertheless good.

Waterflame responds:

gald to hear that :D great!

Wrong renre dude...

This is classical, not video game.
5/5 still though becuase it kicks so much ass

Waterflame responds:

I placed it in videogame cause i diddnt feel the synthbass and the breakdrums could go in the genre classical. :) thanks for the review!

Great, just all your other songs!

I've noticed a trend in all of your songs, which is an ever-present good-feeling. I've heard probably half your songs, from your dark industrial to this, or hillbilly breakout, or race around the world. Though songs like Strikebeam and Invaders are dark, their sounds are so intricate and layered that they leave me feeling good. Every song has a beginning, middle, and end, perfect progression, and an overall unique style. All of them have great sound quality, great rhythm and percussion, and many other qualities which can be attributed to professional music-making.

Keep it up!


I really don't know what to say about this one, other than this. Why do you always have to be so damn awesome, Waterflame?

Was one of the first to give this a 5 when this was up for judgement many moons ago (when I used to roll around the audio portal a lot). So very pleased to see this so high up, even after all this time.

Really hope that doesn't sound too Hipster!