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Reviews for "The Greatest Race Ever!"

The winner is....

Sonic 3rd Flash 2nd Speedy Gonzales 1st
-speed of sound. -speed of LIGHT! -speed of.... drugs and cheese?
-speed -acceleration -stamina

Actually, a meteor falls from the Moon and kills them all, leaving no apparent winner.
THE END. (love the drawing.)

looney tunes ftw

SSSPPEEEEEEDDDYYY GGGOONZZALLIS, MUDA FUCKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the Flash

Like Blackcloud, I'm a sonic fanboy, but the flash moves at the speed of light, soic moves at the speed of sound, and speedy moves at the speed of crack. (no disrespect)


I'm a Sonic fanboy, but I gotta say, speedy would win. He never gets tired, and I've seen The Flash and Sonic pant.


this is realy good but try it with new age sonic but this is good still