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Reviews for "The Greatest Race Ever!"


I like the idea of the fastest cartoons going at it!! very originol 10/10 i personally think the quickster, spongebob(from spongebob) is the fastest!!

Very Good.

The character design was insanely accurate, Your color choices are very good. You chose some very good characters from different media.

And to address the sonic heads down there, If he had the chaos emeralds and upgraded to super sonic, he would be yellow. He obviously isn't yellow, so why would you ask if he was super?

I agree!

superdupersonic is right.


Does sonic have the chaos emeralds because if he did he would beat them both so easily but if he also had the super emeralds nothing could ever beat him in speed he is the fastest thing alive.


You managed to draw the characters with astonishing accuracy!

The light palette used on them adds to the overall careless fun theme this piece brings forth. Bravo!