Reviews for "The Greatest Race Ever!"

Sonic.. is my favorite hero in the world...

Too bad the hedgehog's games are getting worse though, poor sonic, I think his best days were on the Genesis, but now all this 'werewolf' bull is just killing me, the sonic VS mario is cool BUT WHY THE EHAD can ANYONE run fast than sonic in races??? LIKE WTF HE IS AS FAST AS THE FLASHA DN SPEEDY well Mario cannot match his speed at ALL and SOMEHOW sonic cant even run fast enough to create fire in the dust like on the cartoons :[[[[ OR GLOW or speed dash! -Cried- what has this world come too??

Sorry for the rant, great work I admire it.


Nice style of colouring. But could do with a little bit of shading. However, the impact is great, so 10/10 :3