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Reviews for "The Greatest Race Ever!"


Depending on which flash that is flash would because he could tap in to the time line and be at the end of the race before its starts or he could just slow every thing down but i would like to see the tourtse win just becuase.

sonic whould be second and gonzas is last road runner whould be 3rd and the mach is has limited where there other dont really.

I always thought of this

I think Sonic would win not because im a sonic fan but facts
Sonic is the fastest thing alive and like MilesTailsPrower10 said weight counts to and Flash would get tired at some piont and the 2 of them would probably step on Speedy

Anyway awesome picture


Epic scene, wonderful idea ^^

Probably hmm...

Well in sonic and the secret rings I KNOW that sonic can use speed break to go faster than ever and all his suroundings go flying away behind him so I think sonic would win since weigh also COUNTS here.

Awesome pic

flash can run the speed of light
sonic can run the speed of sound
speedy gonzalez is a mouse on speed (drug)
flash would win altho i am a sonic fan XD