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Reviews for "The Greatest Race Ever!"

Love the art, but according to records, if allowed their ability boosters, sonic would win if he went Super sonic. This would allow him to move at the speed of light. The speed force can be accessed by running just above the speed of sound. There is no recorded speed for Speedy but it’s evident that even without the 7 chaos emeralds, sonic runs at 3000 mph while flash reaches 2232 mph at his top speed.

Judging from the thumbnail, I thought that would be Pikachu. It was actually Speedy Gonzales' hat. Whatever, it's great to see these characters all together. I think the Flash would probably win. From what I heard, there was actually a comic where he challenged himself to a race and won. This means he's stronger than anyone else, even himself!

I didn't recognize your artwork at first. This seemed to be less cartoonish than your other stuff. I guess it's because the heads were made with more realistic proportions. It's nice that you tried something different. It worked out well.

Safe to say it's a race everyone wants to see huh? Love your work Kevvy!

ho will win?

road runner missing