Reviews for "FFX Tribute"

You made my day

Human interaction in the preloader and the ending minigame, sound was great, graphics were killer, and it was just overall perfect in my eyes. You rock hardcore.

perfect ten

i laphed my ass off but man nice animation make more


lmao.that was awesome!I think the funniest part was when Rikku was in her battle stance,and all jumpy,and Auron was creeping away from her lmfao.keep up the good work!


Well it seems someone hated those stupid birds in that race to get Tiduses ultimate weapon as much as me.

Very funny.

The movie was funnier than any other but I thought of a funny way
to make people laugh hard. On the blitzball clip where Wakka
changed the offical ball to the one with two spikes. I think
he should of gotten the one with spikes all over you know catcher
blitzball calm lands.