Reviews for "FFX Tribute"

cool, love the mini games!

the actual movie was ok, great graphics, but i really think you should have respected the game more, many of us love it with a passion, i dunno maybe im just talkin out my ass, great job tho, that blitzball game was the most fun preloader ive ever come across


Well. This was indeed odd. XD but i liked it. Auron wears a wig? ::gasp and shock::

I like how the stuff looks.. Very.. something. XD XD but the music died half way..was it supposta?

It's very..unique. Yeah,that's the word. It captures the game nicely.. and oddly.

good work :3


FFX is one of the best FFs out there, maybe even THE best, and is no doubt one of the best games in the world.
And now with FFX-2 [pronounced ten-two, for those of you confused]Final Fantasy ranks right up there with the longest running series Mario Bros.

This is a nearly perfect movie! It was hilarious in many ways. Final Fantasy originated in around 1990 for the NES. There is 1, 2, 3, all the way up to FFXII that is coming out in a little while. Then there is Tactics, Crystal, Anthology, plus many more, ranking up for about around 15 of them. And don't worry, Square Enix is still going to make off-line ones, [I still wanna call it Squenix, heh heh.] and it isn't going too stop at FF30, otherwise FFXXX, because if people still remember games like BMX XXX in the future, what a sad world we shall be living in.
None the less, I'm sure that Final Fantasy will continue the way it has amazed us all. People like you can really double a dude's day. Great job!


That was pretty cool, I really enjoyed the fact that it had lots of minigames! Although it could of had more sound by the end. Anyways good job!:)

Nice flash guys!

I had to say I really did enjoy your flash tribute to Final Fantasy X. You guys truly know how to make a good flash. :-)

First: Was rather entertaining/challenging! I only managed to last 43 seconds using Tidus, I never tried with Wakka though because I was too anxious to watch your flash! It was still really good though. :-)

Second: Was decent, not really the type of past-time game I'd wanna play. I scored 43 on that one, which isn't too bad I suppose. You still did a good job with it though, impressive for a mini-game.

Flash Movie:

Really outstanding. You had quality graphics, really enjoyable to watch. Was also really entertaining, one of the best FFX tributes I've seen in a long time. Great job guys!!

Keep up the good work, I really enjoy all of your flashes, you've yet to make one I didn't like. Great job with all your flashes and good luck with future projects!