Reviews for "FFX Tribute"


A very nice tribue to FFX. I am impressed by the charc's design as well as the humor in it. You guys did a great job with this one and definetly captured that feeling of FFX!!

a decent ffX cartoon!

ffx is the best game ever. hey could u give me some tips on how to beat seymour natus?

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

I very nearly agree with you there.
If you're having trouble with the game, either buy the official guide (very useful) or check out


OMG that video kicks so much ass lol, i love the music but i don't know wuts it called and i am to lazy to go pass ff10 right now and let the credits roll threw lol, keep up the good work!!!


That was awesome dude =D keep makin more and il be sure to check your work out with the ffx parodies i mean come on, who cant love final fantasy X?

how nostalgic

I can't believe how long it's been since the first time I played FFX... Still a great game.