Reviews for "FFX Tribute"

Funny as hell!

I agree with femp. This is best FF flash. Make more of those. You rock!


One of the best Final Fantsy tributes I've ever seen. I'm a fan of FFX myself. I'll bet that was a Djose Sphere that Tidus got before that blitzball ran him over. I like the song, Otherworld. Plus, Rikku stealing Auron's wallet and getting struck by lightning in the Thunder Plains was absolutely hilarious! Go ahead and make more, I'm giving you my full support!

Minigames rocked!

I like all your stuff especially Decline Of Video Gaming 2 but the minigames on this were great! i liked the blitzball shootout though i wasnt very good! With Wakka i lasted 18 seconds and with Tidus i lasted 22 seconds! cant wait till Decline 4!


This was great! I love ffx. Good job! :)

Wow! That rocks!

You guys definitely gave a full treatment for this tribute. I was surprise of what you did to Auron in the beginning part of the scene. that was funny. LOL! Honestly, i haven't played the game yet, but i bet the game really kicks ass. awesome work on this.