Reviews for "FFX Tribute"


a great piece of work

Screw Wakka,Tidus, and all the BB team

if i had sin, id kick every teams ass! or just kill them. either way, works for me. nice movie, but the music stops too early....fix it

Another great from the super flash bros

This is another good animation i have seen u do keep up the good work. I like the mini game blitzball i'm not very good at it though i now want to go and get final fantasy 10.

It rawkd!!!

It rocks!!!! And the other guy was right about the music. Otherworld is performed by The Black Mages. They performed lots of final fantasy based rock. But it was awesome still! though you guys should please change the music name from Nobuo Uematsu to The Black Mages. Thanx.

lol, good movie

Two things.
First, great movie you made there.
Second, to the guy below me; why'd you have to spoil it for everyone who hasn't gotten that far into the game?