Reviews for "FFX Tribute"


that music is not by nobuo uematsu...

nice movie!

the graphics was the best, so clear almost looks like 3-D. the music was awesome too. but the mini-game sucked bad. getting toys out of nowhere from the sky?!? who made those god!?! make a worthy mini-game next time. still, its a fairly nice game. i was about to give it a eight but the graphics just blown my mind away. will there be a ffx2 tribute too? if you can make that please? :)

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

haha, ok so the second minigame was a bit rushed.......but hey its better than notihng.
Um, I've no plan to make another FF tribute, but look out for upcoming Final Fantasy stuff from me and LegendaryFrog!

lets try to be original


They made a tribute, I respect them

The_Super_Flash_Bros I've looked at your pieces of work and I admire you guys. I have seen many great video's but yours have blown me away... I am a rookie at making flash portals and am looking to learn from the best. Please e-mail me at spikerbiker@iamgr8.com

pretty good

I liked your flash and was wondering if you could tell me where to go to get that song.(my e-mail is Axle5656@yahoo.com)