Reviews for "FFX Tribute"


Tidus with a Chocobo lunchbox. Auron with a toupe. Machina Pops. Indiana Jones and the Cloister of Trials!!!! Sin playing blitzball...so much to love.

This was fun. Quite fun.

I like it i like it

Not bad not bad indeed but could use a little bit of polishing but if you dont have broardband check out the preloader


thats was the best lookin FFX graphics on this website and are you the guys that made the burly brawl and the matrix has you with luke legendary metal maverick and the rest?

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

I made Chateau, not Burly Brawl.
So yeah, we work with LegendaryFrog sometimes, if thats what you're asking.


Very nice parody of FFX

So good.

It's s dead on accurate. Any FF fanatic would love it. I do!

DMT ;)