Reviews for "FFX Tribute"

Really unsure of myself...and the humanrace

K I was kinda excited to see this because it got a 4/5 average but after seeing it I was really dissapointed in alot of things including the heads, the movement of characters, the point, and any jokes made were really useless. The only part I actually laughed at was The beginning when they were all getting ready and Auron put his hair on....other than that I was disapointed sorry guys


This is a trully great ffx tribute, but the game really sucks, but then again, it in better than all the games on these dvd bonus disks. pff.

Read this plz

You f' in suck u stfu kunt! This flash is horrible. Get better drawings or stop making fun of Final Fantasy. Go rape ur family or urself!


Not A ff Fan....

Not a big FF Fan but still this was pretty funny

not bad

pretty gewd graphics and plot.