Reviews for "Karbon - Exegesis [Preview]"


u have a habit of showing people awesome reeses and then not using them in your tracks? cool song here even though i kno ive heard that break b4

Good start!

awesome melody changes and beats, not sure about the kick drum, needs tweaking... and make it lonnnnnger, this could be a bloody good tune!

hell yes!!

fuck yeah!! epic DNB!! this is the shit!! yeeeeeew!! GO Karbon!!

nice man

you have something called talent.

i swear the roffel's you are using i have that sample

CAPS or something.

later bro keep gwarnin


What happened to that one awesome reese sound that you showed me that one night? The reese in this song just plain sucks, bro. You need to let this song's colors shine.

I'll be sure to listen to the full version.

Keep it easy bro;