Reviews for "North Korea: Rewriting History"

you like that

this is going to be on the front page

I'm guessing you're North Korean?

Great drawing, were you born there?
I myself am a Nigerian and happy.

rtil responds:

i was not

I've heard

they don't want their inhabitants to know the outside world is better (mostly) than their country

Nice change of pace

It's good to see something different from Newgrounds once in a while. You don't see propaganda poster any more and they remind me of a time where everyone had pride in their own countries. The NK's pride, while dangerous, is honorable. You don't see us fat ass Americans showing national pride in any sense anymore.

That being said, I'm in agreement with Phoenix-Striker. I saw a documentary not too long ago where a bunch of american doctors went to NK to conduct eye surgeries on blinded people. Not only are the people brainwashed to an extent that I bet every leader of every country would want for themselves, but they show an immense hatred for the US. When the surgeries were complete, everyone thanked Kin Jong-Il and said things like, "I going to pick up an AK-47 and kill many Americans for you," instead of actually thanking the people who helped them. Another story told was that of a soldier that deserted his post and trekked across the DMZ to SK because he played the wrong message over the loud speakers that were meant to demoralize SK guards. If he had not left, he would have been executed. While the US has done and continues to do fucked up shit, the current state NK is in cannot solely be blamed on the US. Were Kim Jong-Il to actually ask for help instead of threatening to annihilate the country, maybe things would be different. My point is, the US had a chance to make amends but blew it, but NK continues to decay because of they obey every word from a dictator who doesn't care about them.

Anyways, great work. I don't find myself commenting like this often. It gets my brain juices pumping more than usual.

rtil responds:

i never pinned the state of NK solely on the united states


First, I love your art style. That much goes without saying.

Second, the message is really quite important. So called "patriots" who simply view desecration of the flag in any circumstance as an evil suffer from the same lapses in judgement and errors in logic that the despots in NK use to brainwash their people.

Both sides are at fault in this, and the real casualties are the populace of NK -- and yet, too few people choose to recognize it. More people need to open their eyes and look beyond the propaganda of both the US and NK.

Well played, sir.