Reviews for "North Korea: Rewriting History"

you like that

this is going to be on the front page

i like your work

You are not so self centered with the U.S. Sometimes people need to look at events in another pursons shoes. This is a good example.


First, I love your art style. That much goes without saying.

Second, the message is really quite important. So called "patriots" who simply view desecration of the flag in any circumstance as an evil suffer from the same lapses in judgement and errors in logic that the despots in NK use to brainwash their people.

Both sides are at fault in this, and the real casualties are the populace of NK -- and yet, too few people choose to recognize it. More people need to open their eyes and look beyond the propaganda of both the US and NK.

Well played, sir.

brilliant piece

amazing piece simple but very effective any chance of buying this in a poster / print form ?

Love this

you work really lets me learn more :)