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Reviews for "Castle Crashers Menu Loop"

Out of this Kingdom!

It was pretty fun, though it could use more bass. Your music can always use more bass. Anyways, good luck gettin' that in!


really making a big chance in the contest, I'm sure even tho I've not yet checked any other entry :P.
god, this sounds so relaxed but stil fit for an adventure
Me have spoken, b-a-e-r (and NOT as most people say, b-e-a-r!) will now leave the review box.
2 last words: thumbs up!


Decent tune there. Yes, it could fit for the Menu, though I guess that more "funny" stuff is wanted there but thats just me. ;)

The tune was great in the way it was done. Drums + backingdrums were nicely mixed. The violin vst had a very gentle tone. Custom made setting or preset? ;)

A swell contribution to the contest. Good luck Mr. Bean. lololol



is that you playing the violin or is that a vst?
pretty good =) i won't even accidentally forget to put a score out of 10!


oh god, i lost <=[