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Reviews for "Castle Crashers Menu Loop"

Epic Win

They shouldve used this in the game :D Awesome drum loop


I want a connection to the internet on my xbox so i could download castle crashers D:

Great Work

This loops very well which is obviously a good thing to have in a loop, lol as well as being very plesent to listen to makes it very good for a menu, it doesn't sound too harsh so it's not distracting. The whole thing comes together very well, the beats are very good, though the last beat is kind of eh, it loops pretty well but does seem a little off in my view.

Everything else is good, it's not repetitive on the first run through the whole tune, which is good so I have no problems with that or the overall sound of this. It is all played good and the effects are good through this, a decent volume and good quality, nice work overall, very fitting for a menu.




How should i explain it..... Ive got no words for it! Its just so totally BEST!
It starts and stop in the middle of a beat so you doesnt even hear it start over!
Im gonna giv this a 10/10 6/5, download it and fav it!

Very professional.

Sounds like the menu music of Need for Speed or Crackdown. Go get a job, sheesh :P