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Reviews for "Castle Crashers Menu Loop"


Simply amazing. Those drums are so intricate and well done. I wish I could do drums that well. And also I loved the violin. This is a crazy piece of work you got here.

Could you check my work and give me some pointers? My most recent is "Bustology". Thx.

Once again great job on this. Peace.


Nice song here man, probably one of the first I downloaded when I came on Newgrounds for the first time but I've finally gotten off my lazy ass to review this. Time to give this song the critz' treatment.

Good Things:
-Great beat.
-The strings were great.
-I love the mood that this song gets across, kind of chill but intense at the same time.
-Loved the string melody that started at around 35 seconds.
-The song loops perfectly, one of the best I've heard, you can barely tell when it transitions. I personally prefer listening to full songs but loops are fine.
-Just love it when people make symphonic hip-hop, just had to say that.

Bad Things:
-This whole song sounds kind of on the empty side. It's great, but kind of bland.
-I feel like a single female vocalist choir-like sample at the beginning would've worked well. When I first I heard I thought it was already there but I realized it was actually strings.
-The drums were great, but sounded kind of... is fuzzy the right word? And they were kind of dominating over the strings. But it's easy to overlook I guess.
-Not a big fan of synths, like the ones that were in the background at about 8 seconds. But it's more of a personal preference.
-This songs simplicity is great, but I would really like to see this song built on... Just to see how epic it can really be. Sort of leads back to my first "Bad Thing" suggestion.

Well yeah, great song right here man, keep this symphonic hip-hop kind of stuff coming! 5/5, peace.


Three Words...


4.41 / 5.00 (+ 0.00035)

only cause your just that good.

Very tight beat

The beat and melody are very solid and keep hooking you in.