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Reviews for "Castle Crashers Menu Loop"

tip for lotsa music

set the song to repeat itsself and it will be like its going forever

Oh my god!!

I was looking this song everywhere and i finaly find it!!
This is just so awesome!!

Did you use a certain program to make this loop?

Cause I like messing about with music too!
I need to make more songs myself.
Anyways, great loop:) But could you add something else to this? as in another sound?

Still Awesome though.

Respect (= 5/5) 10/10 from Madjasper1!


i dont normally play arena but when i do i enjoy every minut of this song. make more like it

I WANT IT!!!!!!

i want 2 buy this game ! oh and this music it kinda reminds me of shadow the hedgehog game ...