Reviews for "Star Wars : Missing Scene"

Great conversation

I love all the things Darth said. It actually makes more sense than the movie. :)

Don't let sprites to fool you.

Dialogue of this flash is hilarious. You have to see this flash.

And get a haircut!

That's the most memorable line...but you should have said: "GET A HAIRCUT YOU DAMN HIPPIE!!" Not bad, for a sprites movie.

fuck off carrot_man1

it was brilliant but could have done with speach

That was good

Like the above message, that was good. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt, when Vader said "My daddy's the Dark Lord of the Sith!". Haha! But just twos questions: 1. Where the crap did U get those Nintendo sprites? 2. Whats this crap about Audible language?
P.S. I LOVED the saber effects.