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Reviews for "dumb ass game 55555555555"


once a movie has over 100 votes, it cannot be blam!med. however, to solve your dilemma, you can email Wade (wade@newgrounds.com) explaining your problem, and if anyone could help you.. it would be him.


That's an alright game, add some sound and a bit more graphics and it might get a decent award.

Nice and simple!

Pretty cool. I wanna learn how you make those flash games. I know how to make the movies but how do you make em into games? I need help. If anyone can help me out, please e-mail me at SSJ5Kakarotto@hotmail.com

This game is pretty cool!

This game sounded like it was gonna suck because of what the author said but then it kicked but so yeah!!!

Didn't Work...

I know you just want me to vote 0, but I was actually looking forward to playing it, until it wouldn't let me get past the instructions screen. So... I guess I have to vote 0 now. Did you do that on purpose since you want it to get deleted?