Reviews for "Super Duper Mario"


this movie was pretty cool

hell ya!supersized mario!

i love it when mega-mario fucks bowser UP!

OMG!!!!! Very COOL!!! XD

Congrats, Randy! U got right once again.
I like to see Mario win, so u got right again.
PS.: I've got ur Hotmail address, so why don't u enter MSN? I've got an idea for your next movie which i can't tell it fully here. So if you'd enter, i could tell u my idea, and we could talk about lots of things later. Note: I'm free to enter Internet afternoon (at useful days) and all day long (at weekends and holidays). OK?

What kind of Mushroom does that????????

A Mush can't make Mario Super Duper. Just super like the way he started. But It was funny though.

P.S. I also loved the Second one.


i widh u could get that huge in the old skool games lol