Reviews for "Super Duper Mario"

Excellent job! I enjoyed watching multiple times.

I like the sprite-work as well as the background (overworld), and the actual NES graphics were really well illustrated. Nice job!


bowser pissed his shell

hum, after all, it's mario, the big mario.

mario... if he tooks some more funny than a simple and standar mushroom- the seven leaf herb, viagra, wisky, i dunno- it can be more... "special"...

That was soo hilarious

That was cool. The way how Mario gets all big and kicks that stupid ass castle. I laughed when Bowser freaked out and pissed on himself i wish if he had shitted on himself. that would be even more funny. lmao

Absolutely bloody fantastic

This is a brilliant short. I couldn't resist a snort when Mario grew to enormous size and I cracked when Bowser left that puddle. I don't know what made it so funny, but it's scored a well-earned 8.