Reviews for "Super Duper Mario"

The most boring crap sheme...

It's NOT worth wathing. Even a second. Leave it if you're boared by tones of "funny" still-the-same ("classic" bah...) childlish humour.


I think you are way overrated.None of you flashes is actually funny,nor are they high quality.
about the quality, the actual graphics can't be the problem, since
you use the original Mario sprites, but your flashs look like you put little to no effort in them.

ha ha Bowser wet himself

I loved it when mario gets the mushroom and grows big and big and then he grows out of the ground and kicks the castle out of the way and steps on Bowser and squishes him.


Didn't like it at all. I thought this was going to be good considering I like most of the VGDC stuff but this ended up being too cheap. The frame rate sucked, sprites were from the original super mario bros. which I don't like really, humor... not great, and just plain didn't like it at all except for the jokes which were the only semi-interesting part.

LOL! Funny Flash!

Cool flash! I liked the style, lol, Giant Mario squishing Bowser. Anyway, everything was great! Nice Flash!