Reviews for "T&H 2001"

Great Short

I think there should be more movies like this... This is a great movie with thought into it... Beutiful... Doesnt have any dirtyness like Street Life.... Thanks... This is a nice breath of air.

THE best I've seen

Your movie was incredible...EXCELLENT graphic, AWESOME soundtrack, and a GREAT plot...no violence and no humor but who needs it?? A true work of art. I wanna see more. The ONLY question I have is why did you have to make it so dark..it's a little too dark...like when the bomb hit and the sky lit up I could see the trail and scenery...lighten up the background and use dark outlines and shapes for the bushes, etc.

Crazy Good News~?*,/+&!!

The last joker must be deaf & dumb. Black the
screen & the music is worth the ride. That
alone ain't a *2*. The visual & flash is 10
times 2. At least. The Saga ain't a *2* in this life. No earthly way. This is Crazy Good News~?,/+&!! Some folks need glasses & hearing aids.

Uber I must say...

Very nice play on an old story. I never expected that, good work!


thought provoking and scary- neevi say more