Reviews for "T&H 2001"

People are finally putting effort in portal movies

I liked this.
Keep it up.

This is an awesome display of talent...Wow!

This is awesome! The images, story, and music
SLAM. It's an IMPACT short with a message for the
world. And I checked the Marcus Peblo series to see if T&H was all luck. Zip, Boom, Blam! Your
skills are...well, SEN-SA-TION-AL.

One word....... WOW!!!!!


Living proof that you do not need Violence (graphic anyway, nevermind the nuke destroying the city...)

Or humor in order to make an OUTSTANDING animation!!!

Amazing graphics, fantastic sound, and great new twist to the T&H!

Wow Eric, that was mint!

fuckin beautiful man...

...just fuckin beautiful

This is the best I've seen in the portal ina while

I've seen alot of good stuff in the portal, but none like this. Great music, well done graphics, especially liked his use of photoshop for some of the backgrounds and stuff. This one had alot of plot, something I cant even say my flash movies have, of corse I've only posted a demo movie thing, just playing round with stuff ya know. Well good job erik I'll keep an eye out for more stuff from ya in the future.
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