Reviews for "T&H 2001"


Holy shit that was nice. I don't want to write a lot, cause I want to strie to animate better then this. It is going to be hard :( Ne way, I liked everything but the sound. Other then that it was great. VOTE 5!!!


quite entertaining.. i enjoyed it

Very Stephan King-like

Excellent work, I liked how you chose to do the backrounds a darker tone then the charactars, this set a wierd kinda mood.
I also liked all the sound effects, excpet for that damned preloader, it WAS a broken record i swear. I thought i was gonna rip my hair out.
Well, all in all it was pretty goodd man, nice work.

Uber I must say...

Very nice play on an old story. I never expected that, good work!

SORRY< DIDNT't SEE IT! Thanks Newgrounds!

Well the fucking preloader was annoying, but that's all I ould watch because Newgrounds is just a slow piece of shit. If you're gonna have your site broadcasted to millions of people and thousands of users, make sure you are prepared.