Reviews for "T&H 2001"


Man, you are 27 years old and you make gay animations like that?? With your talent, you should make something more realistic and fun to watch.....good job though.

a genius update of the turtle and the hare

i engoyed the the mucic mixed with the movie, and the way it shows the charaterists of the future turle and the hare.i am cant wait for the full length version.


Pure genius...

E you don't stop

two hot music scores in one flash animation! plus illmatic backrounds. that sky effect with the cloulds was crazy. the characters looked like they was on drugs. That rabbit's eyes had the freakyness in em. can't wait for part 2?

Art: It's Not Just About Drawings Anymore

Breathtaking. I *do* know art, and I know what I like! I think it's the music or the background images that put this movie over the top. I *loved* the sky. The whole overall effect actually kinda inspired me. Awesome movie!