Reviews for "T&H 2001"


This was very impressive from start to finish great detail, and shows lots of effort, the "GRAPHICS" alone was very intense, and along with the very smooth animation was very nice indeed, i loved it from start to finish...

I would leave it as is, as it was just perfect...

Great effort and intense graphics a very welldone flash, i was impressed...



Impressive... for me it reflects that naturally two different species "compete" or have different treats, but then, in a world modified by human through nuclear weapons, chemics and so on, these contrasting species mutate and get joint to adapt to the new world... Impressive... whatever the message you have wanted to give with this one it's very artistic, beautiful. Nonetheless it makes me sad.

Nice. Very surreal.

This great surrealist feel to it. The flash mainly just showed the true end of the race rather than the whole thing, which I liked. I like how both characters were portrayed, and even though explosions are overdone, this one was portrayed perfectly, and appeared very realistic. I wouldn't mind seeing another one of these in 2006, though I'm not sure how you'd be able to improve on this other than add an extra part to it somewhere.


great one.
i liked this animation, can't believe i've missed this animation. it was pretty good, especially considering on who made this movie, all your movies are pretty good.

I loved it!

This is simply one of the coolest, and most imaginative flash videos I think I have ever seen.
Great music to go in the background, along with some excellent animation style, i loved it! It was excellent!
Great graphics, and a nice twist at the end, I think I'm gonna have to watch this again, definately favourites/replay worthy.