Reviews for "Creature at the Mill"

oh gawd

well, congrat on winning
very CastleCrashers-y

Winterwind-NS responds:

uhh thanks! haha

Wow, that was cool

That got me pumped to play videogames, seriously. All your fellow winners had really good songs too, but this one really makes me want to get into the game and fight with my fellow knights. Great job.

wanna use this but....

i have no idea how many levels are going to be in this game me and others are making. but i totally want to add this for a boss in our game! btw, awesome work!


I dont know why, this made me laugh. The beginning at least. And the end.

Remember Earthworm Jim?? Haha it sounded like that.

HAHA it's Pookie's Theme!

To me it's a cross between Danny Elfman and Bruce Faulconer, two of my favorites.