Reviews for "Creature at the Mill"


all of your music is fantastic and this is no exception. never stop shining you crazy dude.

Winterwind-NS responds:

:] thanks much pal
wont stop anytime soon haha

Very well done!

what an interesting interpretation of that scene! I for one could have never thought of anything but a dissonant fear filled song, daunting choir in the background! *In fact my very last submission is probably going to be for this creature!*

An admirable piece as usual, the dynamics, the orchestration in general is high end. There are two parts of this song that I felt were not to my liking.

First at 0:31-0:36, that short 5 seconds where you get all quiet. It sounds like the chase scene stopped, and disrupted the flow of the loop. When I listen to it loop again and again it seems that this short area is what tires out the listening experience.

The ending ends off on a strange feel. With due respect of course the song DOES loop, I cannot deny it this, but I did feel the loop end could have tied with the beginning better.

But this song DOES make me laugh :). It's a very lively, very light song. It's perfect, as i'm sure they'll want to use something light. It's also a significantly short loop, which will increase it's value. Well played there Winter!

I am glad you produced this, it is a good track and I do not doubt it's ability to entertain, keep up the good fight and keep em coming!

Winterwind-NS responds:

hey thanks for taking the time
That short segment where i had the flute/oboe/clarinet do that silly part was intended to refrain from being too serious in the piece, which i feel is the mistake a few ppl are making in composing a song for castle crashers.
This wasnt necissarily intended for a chase scene but more for the monster himself. but i guess it could kinda be a chase theme of some sort.
thanks maestro

Ha! >:D

A perfect castle crashers feel! :D This sure goes into the game. It does sounds like that kind of battle you're talking about.
I googled "castle crashers The mill creature" but found nothing :(, yet, I can imagine.
It's a very catchy melody. I like that "Dum-da-da Dum-da" bass at the begining. An excellent use of instruments, as usual :D
I like this because it's not only a funny piece, but also a powerful song >:D
Lol, the violins at 0:13 reminded me of "Home alone", I don't know why haha. But I like the progress of those violins (mF-F-FF) at 0:19-0:25. It sure feels like a moment full of adrenaline.
I feel the break at 0:32 was totally random,but it was sure a very nice break :D and loops perfectly! I've listened to this about 10 times already and it's hard to tell when it ends. Props for that!
I really liked this man! I seriously hope you win :D Even though there's over 110 entries I'm sure you'll spot #1
Keep that up man! 5 straight from me!


Winterwind-NS responds:

thanks for the review my friend
as for the monster that i composed this loop for, go to castlecrashers.com and go thru the media section, and under the screenshots segment, look for the several pics of the round black monster thing. He looks so cool haha
thanks for ur support man, i really appreciate it


oh gawd

well, congrat on winning
very CastleCrashers-y

Winterwind-NS responds:

uhh thanks! haha