Reviews for "Creature at the Mill"

Great Music!

You're one incredible audio artist, aren't you?

great but short

Very nice, especially for computer! Nice mood, sounds exactly like orchestra :p


Wow, this is great. It fits the mood perfectly. I love this as well as the rest of your work.

I think you should do all the music for Castle Crashers. :-)


I love it! It gives the actual feeel of what is mentioned...

What program do you use to make your music?


Jupp, thats all I can say here, it fits the mood of the scene perfectly. I count this already in for the game, it fits just perfect (at least in my view). The tune is well for a boss fight, yet it has a funny accent, which is also a big part of castle crashers.

No buggy on the soundsquality, it's top notch material. So all in all I say awesome job and good luck for the contest...Though, I still pwn you all. ;D