Reviews for "Creature at the Mill"

this sounds liek something taken out of FF7

or, you know, out of one winged angel.

Winterwind-NS responds:

I cant read this in any other way than as an accusation.
but thanks for the 10!
weird way of saying nice song.. if that's what you even meant


It's a short song but it loops so well - I don't get sick of it repeating every 50 seconds like some loops would. And it has a spectacular fantasy game theme - the sort you hear early in a game when there's some freak of nature on the loose or for something in a Zelda game.

This kind of stuff gets me all excited for CastleCrashers. Honestly. :D


I'm not really into this kind of thematic music, but it's good for what it won for!

Wow, that was cool

That got me pumped to play videogames, seriously. All your fellow winners had really good songs too, but this one really makes me want to get into the game and fight with my fellow knights. Great job.

Nice boss theme!

I've always been something of a fan of your work, but you still did a nice job with this!

The only criticism I can provide is that it could loop better, and that I wasn't really fond of the pause from about 0:31 to about 0:36.