Reviews for "Creature at the Mill"

Familiar Silly Style

Very nice work again Winter! I got a good laugh out of this song. :]

I love how in almost ever orchestrated song you make, I can somehow relate its style to something I've played in Band or Orchestra or heard before! :D

The fact that it incorporates things I've heard before always keeps me hooked to listen to the rest of the song, and I'm never disappointed!

The part of this song that has a familiar style this time would be in the middle of the song, where the layering becomes as thin as possible, and you have the oboe, flute, and clarinet play their separate notes. This reminded of the fourth movement for Roger Cichy's Divertimento for Winds and Percussion.

Haha, but if you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry, just ignore that last part. ;)

Excellent job!

Winterwind-NS responds:

Haha awesome!
Actually, I HAVE heard of Roger Cichy. But I haven't heard of any of his songs haha. I remember seeing it on the program notes, my school's brass choir played one of his pieces. I guess I should've stuck around and listened.
Thanks buddy


You have to be deaf to accuse this of being stolen from One Wing Angel.

Good work again Winter

Winterwind-NS responds:

hahaha thanks

You have done better but it's good

It also reminds me to Fantasia, i like your work and sounds good but i prefer the Eterna

Good. But you can do better.

I listen to your music as much as I do to Chopin's.
But I'm sorry, your works seems to have gone downhill in recent months.
What happened to the brilliance of the Eternal series?

Fantasia all over again

It reminds me so much of both versions of Fantasia...Great Work!!