Reviews for "Link v.s DarkLink Trailer"

I really wish.....

I really wish you'd finish this. I really like it. The art is excellent and animation is awsome. If you don't make a part 2, I'll be mad, but I'll still watch your movies. And I liked how you used the music from the Wind Waker trailer.


this is awsome you should continue it will be a big hit i swear so please continue

i await this flash very eagerly

i cant wait, seriously, i like the usage of steel riders of doom for the music, the same music they use for the trailer of zelda 2005, which will also rock, anyway, hurry up man, i cant wait

GFD-Luc responds:

Strange, because I actually used the song from teh windwaker trailer back in 2002. And I saw the trailer from the new 2005 zelda but thats not teh same song as I used in my movie. :S


It's great so far. so whaen is this suppose to come out?

You should finish this!

Like i said You should finish this no matter what, its a shame that you cant, its really good, i like it alot more than behind the legand too...