Reviews for "Link v.s DarkLink Trailer"

that looked great!

i loved the animation for this flash, cant wait for the full length version!

Make more make more *the crowed is chearing*

I liked the clip alot the sownd was cool so was the dark link make another one.Only thing i dint likewaste fighting posion on link when the dak link was going to atk rest was asome.

Best link move evar

Cant wait


I see you used the trailer for Wind Waker sounds!
"Every game has a story..only one is a legend...The legend is back...Join Link on a quest over land. and see through a vivid world full of adventure unlike anything you ever seen before. This year..The legend is reborn.......The of Zelda..." great game it realesed 4 days ago...WTF AM I DOING I GOTTA GO GET IT *runs away without saying any good stuff*...*comes back and says: Great flash too ahhh!! *gos back*

Great job for a trailer!

This is really good. I can't wait to see it. Alot of potential.