Reviews for "Link v.s DarkLink Trailer"


THIS is gonna be AWESOME! Just try to fix the sound, and we'll have a movie that tops the charts!


Good movie.And responding to the below post, te music is from the Wind Waker(that game is awesome too!)E3 Trailer.

Please come soon

This is a real trailer. One that warms you up for the actual thing. I hope there'll ever be an actual thing because this is promising. The sound is clipping (maybe recorded too loud?) but well chosen, the graphics are superb. No violence/humor points given yet because it's a trailer. Finish this off and you'll be getting more response.

What can I say, it was beautiful.

What an thrilling piece work work. I loved your audio choice, I can't say I've ever heard that song before. It was quite a nice change from "O Fortuna", which isn't a bad song, it's just good to hear new great orchastrated music like you used during battles like this. Great graphics, I liked your lighting style on Links hair; looked very cool. Dark Link had a really cool aura around him too, I loved how you had that fire shot come off his sword. I gave this an 8 simply because it's a trailer (I generally rate lower on trailers because they're specifically designed for hype). But it was done very well. Hope I see the full version sometime in the future, great job.


I'm a big zedla fan and only a few things on newgrounds have this good od graphics