Reviews for "Link v.s DarkLink Trailer"


I didn't expecti ti to be fully drawn! Very refreshing! You gotta make the whole thing now!

Great Job

Make some more like this

Could be a good trailer to a real game.

This trailer was good. The sound was a bit scratchy though. I forget which Zelda game it was but Link did have to fight a silver version of himself so I think that is where the Dark Link character came from. The movie is a bit short too.


yeah, man, that was pretty good! some of the poses were funny lookin, tho. (influence from DBZ?)
great job on dark link, especially the warping animation; that was pretty original, i think.

good call on the wind waker theme - that song rocks! tho the sound quality was pretty shitty.

very good

I dont understand why e0steven knocked off points for it being a trailer, what would you give it if there were no such thing as trailers? Exactly you would give it a 0 because there's nothing there, so why punish people for giving you a look at their new creation? Oh well very god work, the art is very good, the sond crackled once or twice but oh well you did a good job of music anyway, well i hope you finish this soon.